Anette Slot

Anette Slot

Born 1959. Throughout my adult life, I’ve used my creative side. I am today a full-time craftswoman and, together with my husband, have opened our own studio and gallery, Gallery Space of Time, from which we carry out our artistic activities.

It has been the loom and the weaving that have been my focus. Today, I use the weaving yarn for traditional textile art, but also – and not least – for my “upcycled” lampshades. Here I have found a way to combine my passion for textile art with my wish to put the environment and upcycling on the agenda. Upcycling is one of the “hot” words these days. Upcycling requires a process and a great deal of creativity and ingenuity. It’s about spotting opportunities, thinking materials in a different way, and thus creating something new.

By creating a new design for old worn lampshades a new life is given to lamps. With the help of linen and wool yarn, steel wire, furs, leather and felt fabrics, etc. they turn into modern, colorful, unique lampshades. In addition to the unusual material choices, it is especially the colors and their composition that provide an experience for the eye and a “vitamin pill for the soul”. But also in our home the lampshades are throwing unique colorful shine in the room and shadow game on the wall behind the lamp.

A modern home is often characterized by minimalist or Nordic flavour decorated with emphasis on few items in a rustic / natural color scale. Many people find that such interior design provides peace. A lampshade and a pair of sofa cushions with strong colors will add good vibrations, joy and positivity so harmony in the room is created.

Often you have a lamp you’re happy with, just requiring a new lampshade. In this way you give the lamp a new life while saving the earths resources.

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