Kaj Flemming Nielsen

Kaj Flemming Nielsen

This Moment in Time

I was born 1952 and I have a long career as an amateur artist behind me, however, since October 2017 I have started as a fulltime artist and together with my wife opened our own studio and gallery, Gallery Space of Time, from where we carry our artistic activities.

Geometric patterns in conjunction with the spatial qualities of the colors are the starting point for my paintings. In principle there are no limits to which techniques, materials and tools I use. My goal is to create experiences of time and space – not just by observing the image on the canvas, but also by being present in the space within which the sphere of the painting prevails. How does a flat-
canvas image create an experience of time and space? As a mirror – I think. Yes, I imagine that the viewer mirrors himself in the patterns and colors right now while he or she is present in its space. This moment in time.

What is seen in a mirror depends on who’s being mirrored. Like my paintings. The viewer sees himself in the space surrounding him at the very moment he is looking. The reflection in the painting, however, is not naturalistic in the general sense, but it seems abstract and is evolving while it is viewed. When I paint most of my time is spent “sussing them out” while they are developing in order to reach the goal I’ve set to be as unfathomable as a sunrise or a sunset – the two moments of day, when time and space are manifest.

My goal is ambitious, and I shall never reach it; however, I hope the viewers of my paintings will experience a feeling of time, space and self reflection – illustrated in patterns and colors.

I paint naturalistic images of this moment in time of which we are all a part – to the best of my ability.

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